Pops » Pops is Baaack!
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becky! » Helloooo! its becky here again, my nan called me a midget today, and i stood next to her and we was the sam height! hahaaa, she calls me a midget, have you seen the size of her
Aile » I miss you
Herb »
pendoodles » Pops if ya showuphere. We got the link to your new video, but when replying to your email about it your email spit it back at us 'bounced'
pendoodles » Blessed Christmas and Very Happy New Year!
Herb »
pendoodles » Happy Thanksgiving to you & the family for tomorrow. May you have many blessing and even more turkey!
pendoodles » XXXOOOXXX's 2 ya Pops!
Daveman » Yeah the grandkid isnt wanting to give up without a fight. He's defied all prediction dates and he's not giving in now.
pendoodles » $85.00 buck per sq. ft for a new granite Countertop is highway robbery!!! anyways great to hear from the orange aproned Pops LOL
pendoodles » XXXOOOXXXs
pendoodles » hey wait - Dman cant zap you IF i have the cow prod right here... ZAPPPPPPPPPP hehehe
Herb » Dave is trying to get me zapped. I may have to take him out back of the woodshed.
pendoodles » btw... whats the truth Dman?
pendoodles » left you another long comment on your entry - but it dissapeared when i posted it - hope this shows up cause we miss ya Pops
Daveman » Pops - check my comment to the latest entry for the truth <knowing wink>. I think Herb would probably provide the most entertainment in being zapped. He's a snazzy tap dancer I understand.
Herb » Yes sir, Mr. Pops, sir, but it was Dave who started it! Zap him, Pops, he was really a bad boy. *Sticks tongue out at Dave*
Sam McCulluh » McCullough Electormatic takes Soybean Oil...80 Proof...Got ot cut it with some Hops, but it has a kick!
Herb » I'm a troublemaker.
pendoodles » Pops... herb started this today - blame him lol - i am playing the non-tagging game today - im not it and you are not tagged - so here i m not tagging you - and i expect to not be tagged back
billy nelson » what kind of oil does the mccullough electramac 16es take
billy nelson » zyn54
Herb » Ah bompity-bomp , ah dangity-dang, ah dingy-dong ding - BLUE MOON!
pendoodles » hey Pops where are you?
Daveman » Pops - the inmates are getting restless. Thats what happens when you let us have free reign of the halls.
plh » OOOOoooooo indeed the tagboard is a workin
Herb » At least Pop's tagboard works.
Daveman » Pops - you got an award; http://daveman.blogdrive.com/archive/504.html
Daveman » I left a comment. Herb's comment would have been brillian. I'll attest to that. (psst - herb, yu got my $5 in the mail?)
Herb » I couldn't leave a comment either and mine was absolutely brilliant. I think.
plh » big orange apron is so wrapped up in their own paperwork & redtape they have forgotten what they hired youfor
plh » dang still dont work to leave comments on the entries - and i left ya a long one too
Pops » !What up? See new entry bub, lol!
Pops » Was going to edit it, but instead hit delete....;(
Herb » Hey! Where'd Polly's post go?
Daveman » Yo! What up?
plh » like Art Linkletters kids tat said the darndest things LOL
Herb » Got an e-mail about kids and one of the things it said was, "Grandchildren are God's reward to you for not killing your children."
plh » thanks for the fix! left ya a comment
Herb » Probably a BD burp.
Daveman » I can enter der commentens berry good tank ew. Sprite, maybe you're not holding your ink pen the right way?
pops » Don't know...I tried one on the recent entry and it worked fine?
plh » i cant leave comments on your blog entries *sobs...
plh » hahahahhahaha it takes a womans brains and soft touch
plh » im all brain LOL - i must make up the other half a brain cause Rob been missin his lately
plh » hahaha
Lefty » Hmmmm..I'm Right handed, but left brained...or is that half-brained?...I walk in circles clockwise, is that right?...I sleep on my right side, but wake up on the left?....
plh » <--- right handed - left footed LOL
Daveman » Yuo cant be! Im left handed! Thats just not fair! Pops - if you're there, settle this dispute...
Herb » I'm Left-handed.
Daveman » I thought as much - herb is prejudice against left people.
Herb » Yeah, you're right about that.
plh » Herb... i can think of all sorts of new names to call candidates too LOL
Herb » Pops has the radical idea that the candidates should have ideas besides new names to call people?!?!
Daveman » He speaks truth. Through forked tongue. How him do that? I dunno.
Herb » Phew. I'm okay now. Or as okay as I've ever been...
Herb » Aaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!!!!!!
Daveman » Pops. I lost my teeth around here somewhere. If you find them, could you put em up for me? Just dart em. If you try to catch them by hand.., its not a good idea.
plh » ok LOL
Herb » Some things are a higher priority than the Internet. It's hard to believe, I know, but it really is true. lol.
plh » and family is the most important part of our lives - God bless you & your family }}}HUGS{{{
plh » hahaha Abbott and Costello would be great but you must include Pops so i woul think youwere the Three Stooges!!! hahaha
Daveman » Yeah I think Herb is right. We wouldnt make a good Lewis and Martin, thats for sure. We aint skinny enuff.
Herb » I prefer Abbott and Costello...
plh » *snikers* Pops dont Dman & Herb make a great Laurel & Hardy?! LOL
Herb »
Daveman » Hey Pops! Hello!? Surely you're not going to let that joke of Herb's slide without saying something.. LOL. You home? hello!!!???
Herb » I heard that people who filled up with gas before the price went up are very tank-full.
Herb » Better than half-tanked...
plh » half full
Herb » I think he's making coffee.
Daveman » Pops? Yew home? Alone?
Herb » *Moseys in* Hey fellers, Watch out for Abby, she has one REALLY BIG fire extinguisher. *Moseys out*
Herb » Daveman runs the coffee vending machine racket???
Daveman » Ahem - that he knows of, Herb. That he knows of.
Herb » At least it wasn't Daveman's coffee.
plh » Pops... Happy 4th of July to you and the family!
Herb » Daveman's coffee is not as strong as Carter's, though...
Daveman » Good golly mr Svengali - yeow!
Herb » Beware to Svengali-like Daveman and his coffee...
Daveman » Yeah - I vaguely recall the Beany and Cecil puppets. I'm thinking I was around 5 years old. All I mainly recall from that is Beany and I think a Wolf. **scratches head**
plh » hahaha the tres amigos at it again!
Herb » Hello? Herb? Are you all there?
Daveman » I used hair oil - it quiets the grinding of the ball bearings down to a smooth rattle. HERB! Are you going to answer that - your ringing again.
Herb » When I get a ringing in my ears I try to answer it.
Pops » From what the doc said, the ringing in his ears are from ball bearings, not marbles?
Herb » Daveman still has some marbles left?
plh » Pops... thats not all Dman has loose LOL i hear marbles in a tin can from someplace near him
Daveman » Pops - I have some screws loose. Do I need replacements or just let it go as is? or would duct tape make a great substitute?
plh » i luv ya Pops!
Pops » As former Home Depot salespeople I have known....Them washers are either in the appliance section or over where the screws and bolts are...
plh » i need some washers - is that aslie 5 or 7? LOL
Herb » I'll be right back, maybe later...
plh » let us know how ya likes Home Depot after you have been there a month or so
Daveman » Happy belated Fathers Day! My phone line went belly up so was delayed somewhat. Until today.
plh » Happy Fathers Day Pops
plh » yeah i checked Herbs and keep gettin script errors
Daveman » You'll have to check back and see your comment later - I think the way Herb's blog software is set up, he has to approve the messages to guard against Spammers or something like that.