Entry: I'M BAAACK! Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'M BAAACK!-After a five year hiatus, I'm back to add more fun to my previious long running blog. Since that time, I've become semi-retired, have divested myself of a lot of time consuming stuff, and decided to concentrate on one blog and some other writing.

I've had several Wordpress blogs, a military website and some other things, that ran their course. During that time, we lost my dad, a daughter-in-law- who succumbed to a brave two year battle with cancer, a cousins wife's accidental death, and other things that affect daily life.

Now at the age of 66, I want to concentrate on certain things, but I don't want to give up blogging. To wit, I recently asked to retrun to Blogdrive, (I had delted my old email and couldn't access the site). I was pleasantly surprised with a quick response and info that helped me once again gain access.

So what's new? Well I guess you'll just have to stop by and check me out again!

Pops ;)


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