Entry: If she takes that off....Part 2 Tuesday, August 14, 2007

At some point, I spotted an elderly gentelman pushing a shopping cart, his wife in tow. Opposite the tent I was in, was an open display with such things as lawn mowers, power washers and a lone weedeater.

Between giving away coupons for the Tuff Shed BBQ drawing, and watching to ensure product did not "WALK" off from the lot, I kept an eye on the interesting couple next to me.

The elderly gentleman bent down, picked up the weedeater, turned it this way and that, then turned to his wife asked her a series of questions.

"The tag says it was $89.00 but now it's listed for $59.00. Do you think thats a good deal?" He asked.

"That's a good price!" She answered. "But there must be something wrong with it, if it only costs $59.00."

"Well, it looks in pretty good shape, but for $59.00, maybe its a rebuilt."

"I don't think it's rebuilt," She replied, because it looks too new.

"Well they clean them up after they rebuild them," Said he....so maybe this is a rebuilt machine that someone washed off."

The conversation went on for some time like this...perhaps for ten minutes or so. Freeing myself from the comfortable shade of a tent and some onry kids that had been running amok thru glass lamps, I made my way towards the couple.

"How can I help you folks, today?"

"Well....young man...I am looking for a weedeater."

"Are you replacing one," I asked.

"The old man grinned broadly, then informed me that he was buying one for his wife. Curious, I asked what she needed a weedeater for.

"Well...I only mow the lawn," He stated. Pointing to his elderly wife and smiling broadly, he said; "The old gal does the weedeating!" We all laughed, then he picked up the weedeater once more.

"Honey," He said. This one has a straight shaft...like...then he winked...."Do you like this one, or would you prefer a bent shaft."

"Well, the bent shaft is OK, but now that I look at it the longer one would be nice."

The conversation went on for another five minutes- the old man and his wife discussing the pro's and con's of a bent shaft weedeater vs a straight one. It was all I oculd do to keep a straight face, lol!  At one point she stated she thought it was too heavy for her. I demonstrated the weedeater, informed her it was one of the lgihtest ones we sold, then she tried it out.

"Do you think tis price is right," She asked.

"Yes maam....it was orginally $89.00, now its on sale for $59.00." Another five minutes passed as they discussed whether the machine as new or rebuilt. I finally took the machine, opened the fuel tank and showed them it had never been filled, how clean it was, etc.

"But do you think its a good deal?" The woman asked me.

"Lets put it this way," I said. "If I didn't work here, I could buy it, and seeing I need a  weedeater, I would have bought it, one; Because I need one, two because the price is in my budget and three, because it's a Homelite, which I have owned three of.

This immediately triggered the old mans recollection about of all things chainsaws...Seems he was a rep for McCullough chainsaws some years ago up in Canada. As it happened, my first and second chainsaws were also McCullough's, so we had a discussion about them. Somehow the conversation turned back to Homelite and my dad's passion for Homelite chainsaws. Another five minutes passed as he and I discussed the pros and cons of each chainsaw, as his elderly wife stood patiently by.

Finally spotting cusotmers near the tent, I asked;

"Would yo like to take the weedeater with you today?"

"Well...I had some more questions...Think we will go in the store and look at your selection...We really want to be sure this is new and not a rebuilt.' (No matter what I had said over the previous 15 minutes, I hadn't convinced them that the machine was new).

Thinking I had lost the sale, I scurried back to my shady tent to attend to other customers...

Part 3-Conclusion...;)


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August 15, 2007   10:14 PM PDT
Some older couples can often be entertaining. They have a style, a richness of character and sense of humor that seems to be vanishing.
oh and they can also be a pain in the butt when they get on a stubborn streak - LOL
August 15, 2007   05:57 PM PDT
great story far! :)

i swear Pops i nearly spit my jones soda out my nose all over everything!

if that older couple didnt sound JUST like me and Rob do when we are out shopping LOL

cant wait - but know i must for pare 3 LOL
August 15, 2007   05:33 PM PDT
I loved retail for times like this. usually.

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