Entry: Chair Wars... Sunday, July 29, 2007

I showed up for work the other day, prepared to go into the training room at Home Depot, and continue my non-stop, incessant computer training, by watching flash videos of various things such as warranties, cashiering and the rest. God knows Home Depot needs help, but why or why do they put a 38 year carpenter on 20 hours of cashier training is beyond this old fart!

I assumed, (Unlike my old military Sargeant whom said not to assume anything), that the room would be all to myself, but I was wrong. Six fresh faces lined the training tables, with their Orange Home Depot Kits neatly arranged in front of them.  

Assuming my seat in an old cloth chair, I aranged the foul smelling and ill fitting headphones upon my grey head of hair and proceeded to doze off into la la land. (I meant training, lol!).

So everything was gong pretty hunky dorry, me concentrating through my closed eyelids on a cartoon figure whose mouth didn't match the words coming thru the mike. Even with ear phones on, one could ovehear conversations...the same old stale speil that I heard a month ago....I tried to go back to sleep...er...training, but it was no use.

After four or five hours of sitting on my duffes, I stretched out my 6 foot four frame and in doing so, shoved my chair backwards hitting a young lady in a chair behind me. I nodded my apology, she smiled...I went back to sleep. After another boring hour, I stretched again, and once more knocked the young lady almost out of her site. Another apology, another smile....Zzzzz.....

A few minutes later, I noticed a large blue cloth chair come flying across the room in my direction. It hit the computer desk next to me almost knocking it to the floor. It then fell in my direction, almost knocking the sleep out of my eyes!

As I looked behind, me, I noticed the same yung women, now sprawled across the floor. I threw off my headphones and offered a hand up, but she got up on her own. "You trying to retaliate for me hitting you twice?" I asked.

"No!," She responded. "I got up to switch videos in the VCR, came back to the table, but when I sat down I missed my chair!"

She apoligized this time, and I just smiled back.

Chair Wars....The game bored people play!


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August 2, 2007   10:01 PM PDT
Me thinks the young lady was a drama queen looking for attention. LOL - and I must say, she's good! Very good. :-)
August 2, 2007   06:27 AM PDT
LOL i can relate ;)
July 30, 2007   03:44 AM PDT
Well, at least it livened the place up for a couple of minutes.

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