Entry: You Boob Thursday, July 26, 2007

OK, so I laughed at a couple of the videos! The snowman, wanting to know what the contestants...oops!!! I mean the canditates would do about global warming and what effect it would have on his little snowball son...or the two Tennessee guys who put on a good imitation of backwood shanigians for Joe Biden and the rest of the group.

So it was an experiment gone berserk, so what! YOU-Tube or what I call it, YOU- Boob! If you ever watched many of the videos on this new fangled contraption, you will note how many of them are just stupid. Oh sure, some are good, a few are funny, but for the most part, I can spend my time watching something much more worthwhile, then some injuts video rendition of his Elvis Presely imitation, some gal half naked in her thong, or some fat kid swinging around a sword while Star Trek is playing in the BG.

Anyway, I came away from CNN and the likeable Anderson Cooper, with the same thoughts I have had on every other Presidential debate...They really just need to cull out all the video, all the talking heads all the BS...and give all these folks about 10 minutes each to answer...The trouble with each and every debate is the one minute response.

My answer to this problem goes like this....Lets get them all together in the Senate or House Chamber, with a video camera. Since they like to blather for hours about insignificant things, lets lock them all in a room with say 50 folks, one from each state of the union. Questions are put forth to the dias, and one, by one each canditate, has to talk for an hour about how they will fix a certain problem facing the nation.

Simple rules state that each canditate must not do any of the following:

1.  You must talk for an hour at the min. about the subject at hand.

2.  You may not tell us what the problem is,,,(We already know!) You have to tell us how you would fix a problem. (Details, Details, Details!)

3.  You may not ask another candidate a question or demand equal time. You are to answer a citizen directly and not get off track. (Paris Hilton will be monitioring your electronic bracelet!) 

4.  Your not allowed to doze off, go to the bathroom, drink booze or womanize until your hour is up.

5.  Bashing the current President will get you five minutes in front of Lindsy Lohans Yukon SUV.

6.  Stupid campaign videos or clips will not be allowed. (Excepting of course Global Warming Snowman, who was very funny)!



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One may overcome a thousand men in battle, but he who conquers himself is the greatest victor.
July 27, 2007   03:52 AM PDT
Well, Pops, I agree with you, but do you really think they would stand for rule #4? lol.

Also, what will they say if they can't start a sentence with, "The current administration..." You are suggesting that they come up with their own original ideas and solutions instead of name-calling! What a strange concept...

You-tube also shows a lot of clips from copyrighted broadcast material as well.
July 26, 2007   10:41 PM PDT
Points all well taken. But once its down to the wire - I say put the last two in a boxing ring and let em duke it out - unless of course its Hillary, then let Bill stand in for her.

I'd pay money to see that one. I might not even like the winner, but at least I'd get something out of it. :-)

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