Entry: Cup Half Full or Half Empty? Tuesday, July 03, 2007

You all know by now, that I have a new job at Home Depot. So far the training sucks...but that's another story, lol. Anyway, we have to spend four hours in the AM sitting in front of a computer, ear phones on-as we watch and listen to some Flash cartoon like character giving us tips on stuff that I have learned over my 38 years in the construction trades..I think they mistake us old farts as young kids....Dumb and DUMBER ;)

Half the stuff is so boring, it's hard for an old geezer like me to keep my peepers open. Weaned off coffee a long time ago, I usually opt for hot tea to keep me going...but low and behold, the coffee maker machine in the break room doesn''t have tea...

The first day, I spent 10 minutes trying to figure how to put a dollar bill in the doggone thing...Fold it flat, stick this end in...no the other one...make sure George is facing up...no the right...no...the left....turn it around dummy! Finally it took my money...I then spent another minute or two, trying to figure out which button to push. Little did I know you can select three types of coffee; Mild, Strong or JUICED!!

After all that, and some razzing from the break room crowd on the old fart, trying to use the coffee machine, it spit out a cardboard cup. Low and behold I received not a full cup but about three fourths. I told someone it was outrageous to spend a buck for a cup of coffee...but the very next day, I found it cost only .50! Oh well...Hope whomever got my change yesterday, scalded their tongue!!

The following day, I hit said machine up three times...each time I got something different...Half full or half empty, depending on your take of things...1/4' full or empty the last time...Still...it only cost me .50 cents...what am I complaining about?

Today I lucked out and the cup was overflowing...Now i don't know who invented this thing....but my take is that if averaged out over a week, I probably get 3/4 cup of coffee for my hard earned two bits!

Oh yeah...and I found a slot that accepts two quarters after two weeks on the job...GO FIGURE!


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July 5, 2007   11:05 AM PDT
Of course you do know that there is a midget what sits in that machine and he's the one who drops the cup in the slot - then pours out the amount of coffee you ordered to his own discretion. (its actually Leprechaun)

On that training lectures and stuff - I would have to listen because (and I find this impossible) I have forgotten much of what I knew! I tell ya - its distressing when you forget a bunch basic stuff what ya did a zillion times without fail. <sigh>
July 5, 2007   05:13 AM PDT
I hate them machines and the coffee is icky. "Hope whomever got my change yesterday, scalded their tongue!!" Me too!
July 4, 2007   08:35 AM PDT
ROFL you would hink after decades of coffee dispensers would have a button for just hot water - that way you could at least bring your own teabags -

i dont think ive ever gotten a full cup from one of those dispensers - not to mention a few times the coffee/hot water drained down into the catch below because t\no cup came out to catch it! LOL

i HATE them machines :

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