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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Halloweenie is alive and well at HD

Orange Aprons rejoice!!!

Just in time for the annual Spook Festival is all us underpaid, overworked, highly ambitious Orange Apron look alikes...I often find myself, standing in front of the Halloweenie Display, face contorted, arms outstreched, trying to scare the heck out of unsuspecting passerby's.

Looking more like one of the evil, yellow toothed, grey haired old men, whom pop out regularly at young children and adults alike-from atop a display shelf, I find myself  both amused and horrified.

At one side of the aisle, is the Halloween display. A mummy stands guard, high atop an overhead shelf, arms outstretched, duct tape...or perhaps strips of cotton swabbing hanging from his torso. Below him, a headless horsemen....ah less his head and his horse....um....looking like a headless...ah...corpse?

Down at ground level, various animatronic evil things that pop out of coffins, undergrond caverns and other misc. hidden places. We even have one of these "Living Dead" things haning over a display outside which reads:

"Scare up a new granite Countertop!" (They don't lie...The $85.00 buck per sq. ft price would scare the heck out your old lady)!!!

Opposite the Halloween Evil doers, is the Christmas display...No kiddin!!! Only a hop, skip and a jump to your death away from the Devil display is the Christmas display....Wires bent into the shape of reindeers, and winged angels, provide safe haven for those frightened kids trying to hide from the Ghosts and Ghouls on aisle  twelve. It won't be long now until Christams carols waft over the loud speakers of the store. Intermixed with the cries and growls of Werewolves, the Mummy and the galloping hoofs of the headless horsemans horse, it will surely be a holiday to enjoy!

Word of caution though....You can hide behind one of our fake Christams trees, or try to vanish beneath boxes of plastic ornaments or silvery chaff....but...and I say butt...beware that tall old fart in the orange apron, with outstretched arms and a growl that scare the crap out of an unsuspecting customer let alone a child!

Posted at 8:49 am by Pops


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