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Friday, August 17, 2007
Take it off-Conclusion

About fifteen minutes later, I spotted the elderly gentleman and his wife, as they came back out the front door of Home Depot. They immediately headed back towards the weedeater.

I watched as the old man, lifted up the machine again, some twenty minutes after his initial inspection.  I focused on his movements as he swapped the weedeater end to end and inspected the line.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer. I left the comfort of my shade and sauntered out into the hundred degree sun to get a fix on the situation.

"Did you find a similar weedeater inside?" I asked.

"We found some other Homelites-different model numbers," He expalined. "But they were more money."

I watched for a minute or two, as he tried to remove the red nut from the bottom of the weedeater, which contained the line.

"Hey, sonny," He said. "If you can get the nut off this thing and show me how to wind the line, I'll buy it!"

Say no more, I thought. All of 6'-41/2" and strong as an ox..(Well I was once, lol!) I wrested the weedeater from the old mans hands and took it upon myself to impress the elder gentleman and his wife.

I twisted the nut counterclockwise, but it wouldn't budge. "I got a broken hand and wrist on this arm and arthritis in this one," I explained....But..the doggone thing shouldn't be so hard to remove.

The old man smiled. "I understand he said, as he took the machine out of my hands. Let me give it one more go!" He did the same as I did, twisting the nut counterclockwise as per my instructions.  

"You guys sure your twisting that thing the right way?" The old lady asked.  

I comforted her with years of knowledge and experiance with various makes of weedeaters. "Oh yeah!" I hollered. "Every machine I have had, you had to turn the nut counterclockwise." The old man concurred.

"Why is that," She muttered softly"

"Because the head rotates clockwise, so putting on the nut counterclockwise ensures it doesn't fly off." She seemed satisfied with my answer, as I once more took my turn trying to remove the nut. After some time, it occured to both of us, that we required help.

My next trick, was to recruit an unsuspecting stranger. A muscular guy, probably 10 or 15 years our junior, seemed eager to impress. But he too failed as did we.

I told him that whoever put it together must of used a wrench and overtightned it.  I sent him into the store to retreive some water pump pliers. A few minutes later he reappeared. I asked if he found  pliers and he said no, but that he had found someone else to help.

A minute later, Nicole, the Garden Center gal showed up. I looked at her, she looked at me. "What's the problem," She asked. Overtightened nut all three of us husky men replied.

She took the weedeater from my hands and turned it over. She started to turn the nut, albiet without a wrench..."I told you it was on too tight," I replied...."Your going to need a wrench. Just then, the old man turned to me and said; "Would'nt you be surprised if she took it off!....Then how would you feel."

I would feel embarrased!" I replied..."Plus she would never let me forget it!" A few seconds later, Nicole spun around, and with a smile on her face, handed me the red nut.

"How did you.....?"

"You turn the nut in the direction of the arrow, silly" She replied....You know clockwise!"

We all laughed. Three strong guys, ten minutes and a twenty something gal, took it off in a few seconds with one hand.

Silence fell over the assembled throng, which then stood at five.

"Just like a man!" Chortled the elderly old gal. "They never read the directions!!"

We all had a good laugh, at my expense.

And...they bought the weedeater, with Nicoles help of course!!!! ;)


Posted at 8:11 pm by Pops

August 18, 2007   01:05 AM PDT
LOL - That had to be fun. Im glad to know Im not the only one who faces moments like that.

Once my mom asked me if I could removed a stubborn lid off the Jelly. Eager to show off - I grabbed it and went to town on it. No budge! I wrestled with it to no end even using one of them rubber grippers.

My daughter picked it up and it just came off easily. There was no way I could convince her I loosened it. My shame follows me to this day :-)

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