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Monday, July 16, 2007
A busy month...

Where is the old fart?

Well the old guy has been busier than a herd of old gals chasing DMan and Herb around the coffee machine, lol!

July 4th...

Had to work late at my new job...(Even after 38 years in the construction business, you still have to push a wagon load of lackers up the hill with ya!) So I got off at around 7:30PM, having missed spending the day with our grandkiddies and watching the parade...(Not to mention, this shutternut missed some fantastic pics).

My wife and youngest son, met me at work, left his car and headed to Melba for the Fireworks. Although I missed the kiddies parade and the carnie, we camped out, in the middle of an old high school grass field and watched a terrific light show. As last year, it was Patriotic to the core, the fireworks going off in unison with the music.

Welcome to the Home Depot...Dummy

Somedays the job sucks, other days it's bearable. For the first few days, everyone was nice, but I quickly came to the realization that HD is the same as my other few and far between jobs with big corporations. They are full of backbiters, backstabbers and lackers...Oh...their are a few nice guys and gals, but few and far between. Not to mention that they lie a lot.

Hired as a Kitchen Designer, I soon came to the conclusion that all I am is an old glorified salesman...which I am not...at least not yet, lol! It's amazing, as with several other outfits I have worked with, that somewhere along the line, what they hire you for is something entirely different than what you think.

So it seems, I am third or fourth in line for this job, behind of course...(And Ok with me, several senior people who have been with them for several years. But upon learning that it takes a year and half to be certified as a Kitchen Designer, don't know if I want to hang around that long.

Anyway it is OK somedays, not others...The weekends we spent with he kiddies are gone, no two days off in a row and wierd hours. I shouldn't be complaining, at least its a job. But as you grow older, friends and family become more important than an unfullfilling job. (Not to mention this is out of town and it is costing a fortune in gas).


Have had a lot of friends and family up to visit my mother. After dads passing last year, they realize that they better make trips to see mom, while she still has her mental capicity. Now 83...and still spry, she is none the less aging quickly before our eyes. She talks of having to give up her driving which is limited right now, and her health as it deteriates over time.

My free time is spent between chores at our house and hers. Any free time is few and far between, but that comes with having to take care of an aging parent. It's kind of like having kids for you younger folks. Its a full time job, and you must make sacrifices in your life when the time comes.

So anyhow...we relish the time we spend with our grandkids and what little free time we have to ourselves these days. The older we grow, the more important family is to us. We will all hit the end of the road someday, and as my dying father said to my mother..."Mom....we had a great ride, didn't we!" (I wish I can say the same, when my times comes...)

GOD Bless, Dad...you were the best ;)


Posted at 9:59 pm by Pops

July 22, 2007   06:54 PM PDT
Yessir - family takes a priority - and should always be that way. Just whenever you get free time, send up a brief smoke signal here and say "I'm still alive". :-)

I know what you mean about the liars, backstabbers and so forth. They are as much fun as poop slung into a fan.

**takes off running to stay ahead of Sprite**
July 17, 2007   09:41 AM PDT
i reallywish corprate businesses werent so anal - and if we move from here i may well get stuck going back to work for one too :P

also that 'herd of old gals chasing DMan and Herb around the coffee machine' includes me LOL - however ive decided you, Dman & herb are the Three Stooges ROFL ;)
July 17, 2007   03:35 AM PDT
Family is too important so if it comes down to us or them, well, I understand if you don't update as often as we find enjoyable. Your mom sounds like my dad. Since mom went he doesn't quite have the same...what..."force"...that he used to. Will pray for you but not pull the old fart's finger...

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