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Thursday, April 13, 2006
Pass it on...

I read this entry on the main Blogdrive board and thought I would pass it on.


Posted by not quite awake @ 04/13/2006 08:54 AM GMT-5
Someone from British Colombia Canada with an IP address from SHAW COMMUNICATIONS in Victoria keeps googling images of my kids and it is FREAKING me out. WHO ARE YOU?   One creep has to ruin it for everyone.

Posted at 7:17 pm by Pops

April 17, 2006   10:29 PM PDT
Well. Honestly, I'm not that surprised. There are some creepy people out there.

One reason why I don't like to post pictures of any kind (excepting artwork).
April 14, 2006   05:01 AM PDT
How do you find this stuff out? I don't know where to begin to figure out what IP's have been hitting my site, let alone where they are from or who they might be and which photo galleries they have been looking at, etc, etc. Perhaps someone could advise me how to do these things?

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