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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Missing Images...

Several of you have mentioned the fact, that the images on my site have gone missing of late. No...it's not some conspiracy by the Blog powers that be, nor some hacker. No my friends, the missing images are entirely my fault.

You see...a while back...I guess it was last year, that I saw someone, perhaps Herb, that had a link to Blogrolling or one of the many links to a site to advertise ones blog. I signed up for the thing thinking I would gain more readership but it didn't work...or at least I didn't think so.

I never gave the link much thought, until one day, I happened by the link page, clicked on it and went to their site. Somewhere, they had a link that showed the URL's of people who had visited the blog. It peaked my interest to see who had come by to visit, although I only recall several new people who had posted. I was a bit taken aback to see though, that more than two or three, but perhaps dozens of urls were posted whom had viewed the page, but had not commented or tagged me.

Anyway, I was curious to see who some of these people were that stopped by, but failed to even say hello. I was shocked to find a lot of urls to sites that had nothing but elderly men. Now being an old man, I at first thought nothing of it...That is until I started posting pics of the grandkids and noticed even more hits by old men.

Now like, me, many of them may be alright and just looking for like minded sites in their age group. But in this day and age, curious on-lookers who stop by more than one time and do not tag or post are doing it for curiosty sake or for some other reason.

Recently though the spate of internet porn, these child predators on My Space.com and the kid at congress telling his horror story of being used by child predators over the net has given me pause.

Although I have no problem of telling stories about the grandkids, I am not sure I want to post their pictures or pictures of the family any longer. In one way, I may have already done harm by posting their pics. Who knows if someone has copied a picture and posted it elsewhere or used it in some bizarre way.

The whole thing is, these grandkids of ours are very precious to us. If in some way, I have posted their pics on the web for some predator to see or use, then I will feel forever guilty.

So...the thing is, I am trying not to post pics of the family any longer. I have lots of pics of other things, sunrises, sunsets, flowers and mountians...If someone wants to use these then have at it...but our grandkids..they are ours....and we need to protect them as best we can.

Posted at 5:03 am by Pops

April 12, 2006   09:09 AM PDT
Well i certainly wont post a pic of my new baby granddaughter after reading that. Have a lovely easter
April 11, 2006   09:25 AM PDT
Sadly, the Internet isn't that safe of a place. I think you made a smart move, Pops.
April 11, 2006   05:51 AM PDT
OMDoggggg Pops i had no idea!!! by all means after you saw who was surfing your page, take down the family pics - maybe Rob & I ought to invest in blogrolling? we have a counter, but in no way can we really see where the peoples homepages are only their IP numbers and location in their country - this is VERY sad *sighs
April 11, 2006   05:48 AM PDT
Hmmm...Certainly food for thought.

I will definitely say that children should not be allowed to use the internet by themselves. Even though teenagers don't like it and think it's fogey, they should be supervised as well. Just like you have the right to know who their friends are, what music they have in their rooms, where they are going and with whom and for how long, what shows they watch, etc. cyberspace is no different. I would never let my kid go with a bunch of wild kids careening down the road and acting all crazy, but if you let your kids go unsupervised down the information highway, it's kind of the same thing.

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